March 1, 2019

Project Description Update
The month of February has truly taught us that “the road to success is always under construction” (Lily Tomlin). Some of our biggest accomplishments during February were making our first prototype and making a silicone arm for dummy testing. Additionally, we had our mid-grant technical review with local medical experts, army personnel, and numerous engineers. We were able to receive perspective and new ideas for the construction and function of EMARA. After the mid-grant technical review, we decided to revise and modify our design for EMARA. The most drastic change is that we now desire to place EMARA on a patient's wrist rather than on the hand. We hope that in making the device compact, we will make EMARA more convenient to use and cheaper. Further, this will eliminate the challenge of figuring out how to make EMARA adaptable to all hand sizes. Another notable change is that we want to expand EMARA’s use to emergency medical kits.

Mid-grant technical review presentation


CAD/3D Printing
Although we had made some nice progress as far as actual production of EMARA, Rodney is having to start from ground zero as far as CAD. However, the team has received overwhelming support and resources from the community and is expecting for the CAD to go smoothly. Rodney is waiting for the sensors to be determined before he starts. Below is a picture of our first prototype created by Rodney.

James was able to get in contact with a programmer who helped walk him through the kinks he was facing in python. Because of time constraints, James will only be working on app one which organizes patients vitals into a friendly interface. App two will be conceptualized but is meant to interface with app one and triage patients based on their vitals and key words in the notes section. James is also working with the schools tech professional to develop a web program.

Dummy Setup
We made our first two silicone arms! The first attempt failed due to the teams methodology, but the second arm came out nearly perfect.

Below is a flowchart created by Alex based on EMARA’s new design and function which was proposed after the mid-grant technical review.

Community Outreach
The team would like to thank the following people for attending the mid-grant technical review: Ahmahn Peeples, Gabrielle Brodehl, Christina Salas, Juan Arcocha, Joan Tafoya, Daniel Mcculley, Daniel Busse, and Mark Miera. Their advice has molded the teams idea into a device and system that is efficient, safe, and effective.

The team plans to finish the device and its program, the app, the web program, the vitals dummy and a backup simulations program, and medical and technical research by EurekaFest.