February 24, 2016




This month, our business team has been working to organize the Mid-Grant Technical Review. Our Communications and Finance Leads have been ordering the food and drinks as well as designing and sending out the invitations to community members. We will be holding the event at our school's little theatre. We have also been working on organizing fundraisers to help cover travel expenses. Our school board has agreed to put $3,000.00 towards our travel which leaves approximately $9,000.00 for us to raise. We are planning to host an Easter egg hunt to raise some of the money.

The mechanical sub team has been working on putting the final touches on the prototype to display at the Mid- Grant Technical Review. They are currently converting our construction foam prototype to a functional metal built prototype. 

Our team has also met with a few challenges. Two of our members, the Sustainability Lead as well as the Communications Lead, have left the team. Because of this, two new members have stepped up in their place. Joseph Dobson is the new Sustainability Lead and Autumn Lopez is the new Communications Lead. Joseph and Autumn are  collaborating to help eachother study the sustainability material. By doing this, two members of our team will have an in depth knowladge of our sustainability efforts. It has been a challenge for them to learn and adjust to their new responsibilities, but both students are excited and working hard to learn their roles.