March 1, 2015

Hello everyone!

Happy March! February flew by, but was productive! 

Here's a recap of our month:

- Planned and cancelled our February presentation. We planned to present at our Holy Family Catholic School System's Waffle Breakfast and Art show on Sunday, February 1st. However, we received a nice snow storm and the event was cancelled. So was school the next day. 

- Presented our Mid Grant Review on February 13th. Our representative, Mark Westlake, came to visit us from St. Paul Minnesota. He liked our progress and was impressed by our design. Other teachers and faculty from Wahlert came to support us as well. We had many Hersey's Kisses to celebrate Valentine's Day. 

- Applied for funding scholarship from the Dubuque Sisters of the Presentation. We were put in contact with the sisters to apply for a fund to help fundraise for our trip to EurekaFest. The sisters have a stong mission of social responsible stewardship. They were impressed with our design and we hope to do an official presentation for them soon. 

- Manufactured a metal prototype. We went to Giese manufacturing, where our mentor Rich works, to create a metal prototype of our device. We are still adjusted the measurements and added a faceplate, but we have a metal model! Now we can test the chair! Before, the platic prototype printed from our 3D printer could not support the weight of a person. Yay progress!

- Set a date for our public presentation. Sunday, March 15th from 1-3pm in the Wahlert Cafeteria is our public event. We will present, have a working model, and refreshments for anyone interested in our progress. Hopefully there will not be a snow storm this time. 

A lot of things happened during February with more planned for the coming months! 

(Hopefully) More updates soon!