February 29, 2016


Last week five of the girls on the InvenTeam made a trip to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Tuesday, the first day in New Orleans the five of us girls and our mentor walked across the street from our hotel to the Conference Center near the heart of the city.

Underwater Interventions at the Conference Center.

We presented our PowerPoint "Invent Like a Girl", along with two additional presentations about previous projects. We presented these projects at Underwater interventions in the Confernece Center infront of college professors, PhD students, and Industry Representatives.

Tuesday night we were exhausted. After Underwater Interventions, all of us walked to the first restaraunt we could find for dinner, and walked back to the hotel to fall right to sleep.

Wedenesday we woke up bright and early to make our way to the National World War 2 museum. There, we got a brief tour of the museum before going to help our mentor, Mr. Richards, with his presentation about a previous project in Peleliu, Palau. The presentations went well so we walked around the huge museum for a couple hours, and had some fun team bonding. 

National World War 2 museum during, and after presentation.

National World War 2 museum.

After the museum, we decide to explore the city a little bit for more team bonding. We made a trip to Bourbon Street which wasn't very far from the museum. Bourbon Street was a different sight to see when you come from such a small town. We made stops in small local shops along the way to buy some souvenirs to take home. New Orleans is a very cultured place.

Bourbon Street.


Riverwalk Shopping mall.

Lunch at Mannings.

Thursday was the last full day we were there. As soon as we were up and ready we walked across the street back to Underwater Interventions to look at Industry Representative's displays. We made new connections with different industries, and learned new ideas and techniques we can use on our projects.

Afterwards the girls and chaperones agreed on going to the aquarium a few blocks from our hotel. We all agreed to meet up at the end of the aquarium, so we all had a lot of fun and kind of go to do our own thing. During the duration of our stay we tried some foods including beignets, alligator, crawfish, duck, and oysters. 


Trolley ride.