March 14, 2016

The majority of our team went to New Orleans, so during the trip it was tough for the rest of the team that stayed back home to get stuff done. 

 The four girls that stayed home found the code to program the arduino sensors, and tried to get the programmable scheduler to work. What they did get done was very beneficial to our project's progress.

Although we have figured out how to get the sensors to work, we are currently tweaking them to work with the rest of the camera system.

In the first  weeks of March all nine girls have been assembling the camera systems to use with the Great Lakes Fisheries Commision.  In addition our class recently received two new 3D printers that we have been working with to build pieces that will be used to keep the interior of the camera systems organized.

As of now progress is going slow because we are waiting for certain parts to finish assembling all 19 camera systems for the final project.