February 4, 2016

Welcome back all and Happy February!!!

We are kicking off the month with a bang and have quite a few developments to share.

First off, our materials team has made headway in their exploration of materials that better catalyze Cold Patch. After various trials, they've concocted a mixture that renders the Cold Patch less susceptible to cracking under heat and pressure. This represents a milestone for the project because it opens a pathway to an alternative material for us to test on our robot. 

In other news, our hardware team is currently in the process of developing a pump mechanism to extrude the fluid from the robot. After hacking a Craftman airpump, drill battery, and some miscellaneous wiring together, they, after nearly blowing up the entire engineering complex, managed to develop a working prototype. The next steps are to scale the prototype up, integrating a hydraulic pump, and to test the effectiveness of the mechanism using fluids of various viscosity.