February 9, 2015

Some great progress has been made on our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams invention!

After testing with the Parallax Range Finder and hooking it up to the Arduino, we were able to gain some conclusive data from the Arduino's output. The device can detect objects that are moving in its range of view, and can detect up to 25 meters away. We can adjust the sensor to only look past a certain distance, and as the distance between the object and the sensor decreases, the button speaker outputs a higher frequency. This is a huge step towards advancing our project and figuring out what we need to add/enhance to create a final product. 

Next task:

Our next task is to purchase a second range finder and Arduino, which we plan to hook up to act as a 2nd sensor. What we hope to do is have the 2 range finder sensors oscillate in opposite directions, essentially creating a field of view that will always be scanned for moving objects, in case any biker or pedestrian is out of the field of view for one of the sensors. 

Mid point review update:

We are currently planning out all the smaller details for the Midyear Techincal review, after receiving confirmation for the use of our school's cafeteria as the event's venue. The team has sent out invitations to township members, Board of Education Representatives, and we are currently reaching out to STEM-interested teachers in the township as well as our corporate sponsors/mentors, S&P Capital IQ.