February 22, 2018

On February 7th, we had our mid year review. We held our main presentation in Appleton East High School’s auditorium, and our demonstrations in the commons area. We also had food generously donated by Golden Corral! Overall, 48 people attended, including Wisconsin Representative Amanda Stuck!
On February 2nd, we were visited by a local news station, Fox 11 News. We recorded a live 3 minute segment explaining who we are as a team, our final goals, and our progress so far. Justin, the interviewer, is planning on visiting again in June to run a bigger story on our InvenTeam before we head to EurekaFest.
The technical side of our team has turned our focus towards optimizing a press for the Village of Hope. Right now, we have two different models. One is a design from Engineers Without Borders that presses down with approximately 200 lbs of force. The other is just one bar that we press down on. The second design requires less materials and is easier to assemble, as well as operate. The downside of this one is that it gives us no mechanical advantage. As we get closer to EurekaFest, we are beginning to complete final tests, perfect, and finalize our designs.

Fox 11 News broadcast: http://fox11online.com/good-day-wi/stem-education-on-display-at-appleton...