November 18, 2017

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to the Dublin High School InvenTeam blog! Just two weeks ago, our team received the grant money from L-MIT and we hit the ground running. We’ve begun ordering parts for the mechanical aspect of the team and initiated the first stage of prototyping SpORT.

The electrical team has also begun to create an initial schematic and printed circuit board for the electrical components of the machine, which will allow SpORT to start up at the press of a few buttons. Finally, the software team has spent the last few weeks researching connectivity between Android Studio’s app design, Android tablets, and Raspberry Pi 3.

Our team has just embarked on the most initial stages of prototyping, but there’s still a long time until June. Using, we’ve outlined the basics of the user interface and are conducting research on the most suitable colors and designs for special needs students. In the last two weeks we have done extensive preparation to begin integration. Building resumes full force after our Thanksgiving break, and we cannot wait to share our progress!