December 6, 2016

At lunchtime, the team got into a 15-seater van and rode through LA traffic to get to USC for a presentation by Gregory Kloehn, an artist and contractor from Oakland, CA who started constructing and giving homes to people in need. He now runs the Homeless Homes Project, which works to use ingenuity and discarded material on the street to build homes for the homeless. After showing us pictures and telling us a little more about his project, our team was introduced to R. Scott Mitchell, an Assistant Professor in the Practice of Architecture, and his graduate students who presented us the 5 shelters they designed and built with materials found on the streets of LA. We were able to step in and see how comfortable and spacious these homes were. Professor Mitchell then offered to show us the two robots his students use for projects. Two of our teammates, Aracely and Daniela, got to use the smaller robot. Overall, we were all very happy and thankful to have met these individuals who are working towards the same goal: giving people in need a little bit of hope.