January 14, 2016

December and January were slow months for our team. We had two weeks off for our winter break at the end of December. When we came back in January we decided to focus on getting everything ready for our Mid-Grant Technical review rather than cramming our schedule and trying to do too many things at once. 

Tony Perry came to our class the morning of our Mid-Grant Technical review to get a better understanding of what our project was really about. Our InvenTeam did a dry run of our presentation for Tony in class. We incorporated all of the advice he gave us into our presentation.

Our team arrived at our local elementary school by 5:30 to start setting up for our Mid-Grant Technical review. At 6:30 when the guests started filing in our team knew that the turn out would be great. The whole night was a success, we were able to showcase our invention as well as the STEM projects that the elementary students have built. Being able to reach out to our community and educate them about what we're doing was a very rewarding experience. We would like to thank the Williamston InvenTeam and the rest of our community for coming out  to provide support as well as feedback for our team. 

Sylvia Whitt

Katelyn Knieper 

Kelly Cool

Madi Howard

Faith Whitt & Michelle Zemke

Baylee Heidrich & Poppy Cox.