December 16, 2014

It has been a while since we have posted a blog. All of us have been extremely busy with activities over the past couple of months on top of working on our Lemelson-MIT project. We have successfully printed a 3-D model from our middle school's 3-D printer (applause).  We have met with our mentor, Rich, a couple times and have tweaked and reworked our design and have printed two more models. It isn't perfect, but we are making progress! (Pictured: 3-D printing)

Over our Christmas break (about 2 weeks) we are making plans to visit either a wheelchair manufacturer company in Steven's Point, Wisconsin or the University of Iowa's Enginnering program. Securing contacts with their people is still in the works. 

After Christmas, the start of our new semester, we are hoping to schedule other visits, a showcase event, and finalize other tasks on our to-do list (Like more blog posts).  Our second semester is doubled with activities and school work, which will be a challange, but we can hardly refuse a good challenge. Even if it does means less sleep and more time at school.

At the moment, we are in Mr. O's classroom, eating Cheetos to calm our fried nerves about finals. The bell just rang so we are off to classes without a trace of cheesey residue evidence... if only some of us weren't wearing khakis today. Wish us luck... Yay, finals week!