November 29, 2018

      Welcome to our first blog post! Here in Elizabethtown, KY, we are in the process of turning our dream into a reality! We are making our first prototypes through 3D priniting, ensuring we have a solid ides and base for the electrical and testing areas of our team. Our mechanical team is making headway on the retention and design of our components. The electrical team just finished the first phase of their circuits and currently thinking of ways to make the circuit board as small as they can and the coding group is getting comfortable with the new software. 

       We have already begun the process of taking base measurements for input, with our testing development team getting all the data they need from volunteers from the school! Working with our peers to help develop an invention to help our community is just one example of how we are involved in our community. We have already been featured in our town's newspaper after recieving word we won and interviewed by the local news channel, getting our name out there before we knew the outcome; all of us are very grateful for the help and support we have recieved from our community in response.  

      Pictured is Emma Tompkins, part of our electrical team and communications lead, with our finished prototype circuit board and 3D model in hand.