December 13, 2017

InvenTeam IgniteΔ is successfully progressing towards our end goals. Recently, our local fire inspector came in and discussed safety with members of our team regarding burning briquettes. He toured our facilities and offered advice as to how he would recommend setting up our burning station. The briquette group has been hard at work determining what amount of cassava combined with what amount of grass creates the most efficient briquette. Using the burning station, they have charcoalized grass to use in the briquettes. Right now the main thing they’re testing is the effectiveness of briquettes based on their contents. So far through various tests they’ve been able to determine that charcoalized briquettes burn longer, hold their shape better, but also tend to be more brittle. The regular grass briquettes burn much faster and also fall apart quickly once ignited. By the end of the month we hope to have improved our burn station, further briquette testing, and perfect our press/chopper designs!