November 28, 2018

The Kenya Water Project is making major progress towards inventing solutions. The Technical Team has split into smaller sub-teams to research both charcoal filtration and UV filtration. These possible solutions are still in the testing phase, with various prototypes both in use and being created. 

The new charcoal and UV filtration systems may be used together and/or with the previously researched slow sand filtration system.

The Technical Team has created a horizontal roughing filter to test the effectivness of combined stages of filter material. It has been created from donated buckets, reclaimed 2 by 4s, an old wooden sign, and PVC piping. Each bucket will contain a different media, such as gravel, various types of sand, charcoal, and possibly more. They plan to use the month of December soley for testing. The teams will continue testing until enough data has been gathered to determine what ratio of filter types will work the best for the people of Muamba, Kenya. 

"The horizontal roughing filter is a filter that combines multiple types of mixtures, from charcoal to sand to gravel and more, that would play a huge role in our Kenya Water Project."

- Huy Tran, Technical Team