January 4, 2019

Throughout the last few weeks of the year, the Davenport West InvenTeam has been persisting through stages of both problem identification and system innovation.

The technical team is continuing to modify aspects of the filtration system design to promote maximum measures of efficiency. A transition from a horizontal to vertical spigot filter system will now allow water to flow vertically downward using gravity instead of flowing at a gradual decline. This specific design alteration positively equates to the following aspects of our water filtration system: increase in flow rate, less total surface area, efficient use of gravity, faster water filtration, minimize margins of error and ease of construction.

Efforts to duplicate the vertical spigot filter system have been made to add a level of redundancy. This will allow for flexibility managing the two filters while providing an additional system to ensure that a total shutdown will be unnecessary in the case of mechanical failure.

Before winter break, the technical team decided that it would be extremely beneficial to replicate an on-site water tower simulation to achieve an environment similar to the situation of Muamba, Kenya— the first village of implementation. Throughout testing processes, local well-water will be used for sample testing.

In the coming weeks, our client Joshua Ngao will be traveling to Kenya. The Davenport West InvenTeam will be delegating a meeting with him to relay a set of detailed instructions. We are looking for Mr. Ngao to perform bacteria tests, bring back a government-issued water tablet, and take samples of all well-water sources he comes into contact with. In addition, we are looking to receive exact dimensions of local water storage towers and to receive new media. All divisions of our team will be working to prepare Mr. Ngao for his trip during mid-January.