March 26, 2017

It is March 26, 2017 and we have six meetings remaining. Which means that the end of our school year is approaching quickly and Eurekafest at MIT is even closer. We have continued to work on our business card and have finally completed it but our only issue is figuring out how to format or add a picture to it. We are still working on hardwiring the desktop as well as the orbital lamp and Jemuel Curameg, Michael Davis, and David Masaka have been working on that. Wenfei Yu has been adding transactions and still sending out receipts for what we used with the grant. We are working on a slide-show/video to show our gradual progress and put everything into one to share with you all. We do have a new member on our Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam, her name is Delia Russel, and she is the new communication lead.  This morning, she was reading the handbook and getting used to the feel of things but we are sure that she will make a great addition to our team. Also, gluing the Plexiglas with acrylic glue has been something we have been working on. We, on the communications team, are going to keep working and perfecting our brochure.

Good news! We have created a snapchat account! For more information on our progress, it will be on our snapchat story. Follow us at bma_inventeam!