June 16, 2018

Hello Again!

Eurekafest is almost here, and after a year’s worth of hardwork and dedication, our team is finally ready to share our invention!

The Hydro Assay Vehicle made its first official debut this week amongst the likes of our student body, Bayonne Board of Education Representatives, teachers, sponsors, family, and friends. Taking the stage in our auditorium, we tested our presenting skills, and had a rather successful question and answer session. We dedicated this event to our senior member, Cisco Espinosa, who unfortunately will not be coming with us this upcoming week, due to his college commitment.

As a now functional unit, the HAV can self-drive through the water, utilizing its thrusters, as per the topside control system, the Raspberry Pi computer for data/command transfer, and arduino for handling electronics.

Our sustainability lead has prepared the netting camouflage to mimic the vegetation of the Newark Bay and reduce the disturbance of wildlife.

In the future our team plans to research the bay in greater depth and potentially publish a paper in recognition with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. With fundraising, we also would like to apply for a patent to further solidify our conceptual model and share our results with the community, as well as universities who would potentially consider partnering with us. Lastly, we are also going to establish a wireless tether communication system via a drone to improve data collection.

See You Soon!
The Bayonne High School InvenTeam