February 6, 2018

As the day of the Mid Grant Technical Review rapidly approaches, the team is working in double-time to prepare everything for the showcase. Excluding just a few minor adjustments left to make, the second prototype of SpORT is finally completed.

The software and electrical teams have been working together over the last week in order to translate the Raspberry Pi’s signals into analog signals for the motor controller. In addition to motor controller testing, the teams have also been preparing the interactive button layout that will allow students to actually rotate and pivot the machine. Some precautions have been added to the buttons as well, in order to prevent the machine from moving when more than one button at a time is pressed.

The mechanical team has completed the frame for the prototype, complete with reinforced connections, and simply needs to mount the motor/wheels that the other teams were working with. As Thursday night approaches, our team is meeting every day of the week to continue testing the prototype and make sure it’s fully functional for the Review.