December 28, 2019

Colfax has begun the inventing process. We have received our stirling engine which converts heat into electricity. We are looking into applying this to our invention as an electrical output. Thursday the 12th we began testing different environments for burning. We bought a firepit called the solo stove, the firepit uses a series of holes in the design to optimize airflow and keep the fire burning hot. By keeping the fire hot it eliminates much waste found in black smoke. Our control was a burn barrel which when loaded with around the same amount of wood produced very dark smoke once lit. Other findings were that the optimized airflow on the solo stove allowed for a fast start while the barrel took longer. Along with the barrel not maintaining the fire where as the solo stove did not have them same problem. The results of our first test show how the optimized airflow technology is incredibly important, as it allows for a cleaner and more sustained flame. With this data we will look more into this technology as it has proven to be most effective.