February 12, 2017

The month of February has arrived and it is going to be a month of building prototypes and getting work done! We have been working on our overhead lamp and our desk lamp. We have made a few edits, along with getting all the resources we’ll need to make this project the best it could possibly be. Recently, we visited Edinburg Welding and are in partnership with them to gain a base frame for the orbital pendant chandelier, which is the overhead lamp. We are wanting to use aluminum instead of plastic to keep it together so it will take a few weeks for the process to occur. Money is one of the key things we need in order to do anything. So, we have been filing and keeping track of all of our receipts to track how much money we have used and how much money we have spent in all. We have a new tweeter! Joyful Adindu is our new tweeter and he has been working on taking pictures and keeping us updated on how we are doing through twitter. Contacting people for information is also another thing we have been working on this month. New members are joining each meeting and the more members we have, the better our project will be in the end. We are hoping that this month will be a productive one, and that and we will excel even more in our project.