December 6, 2016

     Our school, Spring Hill School, was selected as one of fifteen schools across the nation as a 2016-2017  InvenTeam. Lemelson-MIT has given us the opportunity to make a prototype of our robot. Our invention, the C Bot, is a complex autonomous robot that will measure ammonia, oxygen, and various other levels. The C-Bot will drive on the broiler house floor and will scatter and disperse chickens throughout the house to prevent suffocation. We are still in the process of working out a few minor details such as charging and cleansing.
     We took a trip on October 25th to Southern Arkansas University to speak to the Agriculture and Engineering  Departments to get ideas and discuss some problems that we may face when creating the C-Bot. They had so much information and advice to offer. On November 3rd we spoke to our local Rotary Club.  They had some interesting questions about the design and even asked when we would be on Shark Tank.
    We were all so thrilled when we saw our picture on Governor Asa Hutchinson's Facebook page. He congratulated us on our achievements and explained our intentions to readers.
     Mr. Anthony Perry from Lemelson-MIT came to see our ideas and designs on the 7th and 8th of November. We took Mr. Perry to a few local, empty broiler houses and explained how they work. He was very interested in our ideas and intentions of our team.