April 30, 2016

Most recent developments have been related to formatting so that the app will be compatible with Android devices of all sizes (buttons align relative to the center, etc.). We are currently finishing up work on the main page; the user should be able to switch between daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly data before the end of next week. Simultaneously, we are implementing login and registration features on the account page so that we can set up multiple H2.0 devices with the server and the iOS/Android applications.

This month, we have made a styrofoam model of a water meter box lid. This new lid for the meter box includes a solar panel and an antenna for the H2.0 device and will simply replace the previous lid on the meter box. We have also begun the process of refining the image processing code to get more consistent readings.

Regarding sustainability, we have delved further into clean energy options for the housing. One problem we had was incorporating solar panels into the design. While some water meter boxes do not have access to sunlight, most do. In Santa Monica, many water meters are located in alleys. While alley-based meters have access to sunlight, cars often drive over them. Thus, we have made a new lid for the water meter casing that allows the solar panel and antenna to be lodged directly into the lid. This design allows cars to drive over the lid without damaging the solar panel.

As of April 30th, we’ve fallen 4.6% short of April’s 85% spending goal, with $881.95 of the initial grant of $4,500 remaining. Other than shipping costs and miscellaneous marketing materials, our financial needs appear to be met.

Next, we will continue to refine our invention and begin working on the final report and presentation!