May 3, 2019

Project Description Update
Starting from ground zero is never an easy task but the team has taken it in strides. After having several conversations with mentors, the team decided to change the design for EMARA. While this has been challenging, we think that the long term benefits outway the temporary struggle. We have also had some major successes this month, one of them being that programming is completed!


I guess you could say we are a head of the game *while holding the dummy's head



Rodney has had a tumultuous journey with CAD this month, to say the least. The team decided to revamp our functional model to a more minimalistic design. One of the most drastic changes to the design is that it will now be placed on the wrist rather than the hand. These are the basic tenants for what we want the new design to have:

  • BP Cuff Access
  • Opening for input and release
  • Compartmentalization for organization and flood control
  • Generous measurements
  • Hollowed interior
  • Assigned places for devices or device sleeves

James has the web server up which means that programming is finished! All that is left is fine tuning to perfection. One problem we are having is the bluetooth connection. The Bluno board is connecting to local phones but not to local computers. James is looking at alternative boards.

Dummy Setup
Adam and Hurley have been working on inserting a battery into the dummy to create temperature simulation for testing. Adam created a base for the battery so that the battery can remain stationary in the chest of the dummy.

Community Outreach
The team has been fortunate enough to have met with several outstanding individuals this month to enhance EMARA. At the beginning of April the team did a Zoom conference call with the Vice President of Caretaker Medical, Tim McGrough. We received insurmountable advice from him and he gave us insight into the obstacles the team will face in the future production of EMARA. We also had the pleasure of meeting with Brandon Toepper of Teppics Engineering at the end of April. Mr. Toepper has generously funded our trip to MIT, for this the team is incredibly thankful. Not only has Mr. Toepper agreed to fund our trip but he has also given us numerous resources for our project in the New Mexico community. His help has inspired and encouraged us to continue on this journey of invention!

As the EurekaFest draws nearer, the team is focused on completing our final CAD design. We will also be fine tuning programming, starting simulations to test the accuracy of EMARA and sterilization testing, and working on our final research paper. Exciting times are ahead!