April 2, 2017

This is our first meeting of April and it’s been a busy day! Our communications team is staying on task with keeping everyone on the web updated. A member on our team has made a poster with a meter to keep us on track for how much money we need to make and how much we have made for MIT. David Masaka and Michael Davis have been testing and fixing the lights on the desk lamp because the yellow light is not working correctly but we have fixed it. We moved on to working on using Alexa as our voice automated system. We are writing letters out and fundraising so we can go to MIT.  For our table at MIT, Victoria Russel, made an outline for the table and it is looking really good. We had a short in our overhead lamp so Illiana Dialectakis and her father, George Dialectakis spent a while working on it and figured out how to fix the lights. Now, we are connecting wires to the overhead lamp to make sure that the whole thing works. Progress is paying off but we will always have work to do and we hope that this month will be productive.