March 19, 2016

The past couple of weeks have been pretty exciting Android application-wise. We can now debug from an actual Android tablet and display graphs of data from the server. The app currently opens to a page with both line and bar graphs, though the final app will most likely have one or the other. The graph defaults to hour-by-hour data, but the user will have the option of choosing what kind of data they want to view (weekly, monthly, yearly). The statistics page has a graphic representation of the data, telling the user how much water they have used in terms of bathtubs, olympic swimming pools, things like that. Settings asks the user how often they want photographs of the water meter to be taken, account asks for log in information, and about will contain a blurb on who we are and what we’ve been working on. Additionally, we have designed all of the graphics in our app. Going forward, in addition to getting the final pieces up and running, we hope to improve upon our ways of conveying data for a more user-friendly application.