January 25, 2015


What a crazy past week and a half it's been! Yesterday the members of the FTC robotics teams, who are also on our InvenTeam,  Team 9025 (girls) and Team 7400 (guys) competed at the state qualifing event. The guys team qualified for state and won the award for their engineer notebook. While the girls were invited to the semi-final qualifer, the Wildcard! An exciting day of robotic competitions complete with a stop at Dairy Queen on the way home!

Back to business...

We are now one week away from our first preentation at Wahlert's Waffle Breakfast and Art Show February 1st! Today, many of our team met in Mr. O's room with our mentor Rich to continue working. We received a generous donation of two wheelchairs from one of our local hospitials, Mercy Hospital. Each of the wheelchairs we have now have a different wheel design, which allows us to continue designing a universal anti-rollback device. We were able to attach our prototype to our 7-spoke wheel and it worked!!

As for the other aspects of our presentation go, we have business cards coming in the mail, flyers designed, and shifts determined. We need to finish our presentation. That is our top priority for the beginning of the week. We also are brainstorming fundraiser ideas. We are considering a way to incorporate our 3D printer, but's still a work in progress.

Until next week, we have lots of work to do!

(P.S. We have a Facebook page we are working to publicize- www.facebook.com/WCHSInvenTeam. Please Like us!)

(P.P.S. The picture is our logo!)