Canfield, OH

Danger alert system for schools

The Valley STEM + ME2 InvenTeam will invent a system to detect and respond to school intruders. The invention will implement a two-step alert process around and throughout the building. The system will be integrated into existing camera security systems for monitoring.

Recent Team Blogs

January 7, 2019
The Valley STEM+ME2 Academy InvenTeam is rearing up for the Mid-Grant Technical Review is coming up this February! December and January have been dedicated to prototyping in many forms: we finally have built the basic framework, our camera system is up and running and waiting to be installed, and...
November 30, 2018
  The Valley STEM+ME2 Academy InvenTEAM has started their prototyping. Construction is underway! Materials are being gathered as the team gears up to create their first prototype. This prototype should help the team with any basics in compiling tracking information within spaces. Once it...
November 30, 2018
Our InvenTEAM was featured in an issue of The Vindicator on November 2nd this year! The Valley STEM+ME2 Academy InvenTEAM was fortunate to receive a $10,000 grant that will be put towards creating a school security system that can be implemented for schools looking to keep their students safe...