El Reno, OK

Wearable device to measure hip-to-waist ratio

The Canadian Valley Technology Center InvenTeam will invent a “fit belt” worn by users which takes physiological measurements at regular intervals. The sensors will be in a belt buckle. The system will use the measured data to coach the users to be healthier through sounds from a speaker and gentle vibrations.

Recent Team Blogs

May 1, 2019
One of the biggest events for the team was the Mid-Grant Review.  We presented all of the work we have completed so far to a large group of people. Our planning process was a bit difficult.  Planning everything from the guest, caterers, presentations, and displays were challenging. We...
December 10, 2018
So far our team has participated in a STEM fair where we helped younger children try and use their engineering skills to the fullest. We have also finished many tasks in the work space in defining our belt and making things work while figuring out how we can better our invention with our...