Marshfield, MA

Bandsaw safety device

The Marshfield High School InvenTeam will invent a bandsaw safety system to alert users when they are at risk for injury. The device will attach to commercial bandsaws and project light onto the table to show the user how close they are to the blade. Sensors will detect if the hand is moving towards the blade and alert them with ample time to move the hand to safety.

Recent Team Blogs

March 21, 2019
MHS InvenTeam March 2019 After a few obstacles of weather and snow days, we had an extremely successful Mid Grant Technical Review on March 6, 2019! We had a very busy February in preparation for the presentations. After our “practice” MGTR at Datawheel in Cambridge, the Design...
February 10, 2019
MGTR Preparations are in full swing for the Marshfield High School InvenTeam! All systems are go for our February 28, 2019 date! We have had a busy month and all of our Teams are hard at work getting ready for our presentation. We finished up the month of January with our "practice" MGTR held...
January 20, 2019
January 2019 It has been a busy few months for The Marshfield High School InvenTeam. We are learning to face the challenges that design and invention require as we make our way towards the Mid Grant Technical Review. We have added new Team members who bring new areas of interest, skills, and...