Carmel High School InvenTeam

Detector of seizures and accompanying medicine delivery method

The Carmel High School InvenTeam invented a seizure-detecting and anticonvulsant drug-injecting system for people with epilepsy. The detecting apparatus is worn near the deltoid and continuously monitors eletrodermal and electromyographic signals. When a seizure event is detected through combined data from these sensors, the injector apparatus can administer the medicine at the ventrogluteal muscle near the hip unless the safety stop button is pressed within 15 seconds of event detection. This system is worn on neoprene sleeves allowing the user to remain comfortable and active throughout the day.


May 30, 2017

Entire Team

April 17, 2017

Entire Team: TeamWORK works!
We just came back from Spring Break, but even then, we sacrificed part of our vacation to squeeze in another meeting. It was very helpful in contributing to our teamwork as we are now working together more, taking all of our progress, and putting it together into one device.