The Pine School InvenTeam

Device to monitor audio and video signals in the Indian River Lagoon

The Pine School InvenTeam invented an audio and video monitoring device installed near a water-quality monitor in a brackish part of the Indian River Lagoon. This invention will provide scientists and the public with valuable data about the lagoon’s health. The device consists of a hydrophone and camera that are enclosed in a waterproof housing and can be lowered 5 - 7 ft.  The device takes motion-activated pictures and the hydrophone records audio every 60 seconds for 10 seconds. It is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and data are streamed to a land-based server located within 2,000 feet of the transmitter-receiver system and uploaded to a website. The device can be remotely controlled and operated off of a 12 V marine battery which is recharged via a connected solar panel.


July 22, 2017

Our Full EurekaFest Experience

(Sophia Siegel '18, Samar Ahmed '18)