Tabor Academy InvenTeam

Device to monitor water quality in Buzzard's Bay

The Tabor Academy InvenTeam invented a system to remotely monitor environmental conditions in Buzzard’s Bay. The sensor package is deployed from a remotely operated vehicle which measures dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, pH, and turbidity. Data is recorded at different depths and used by the Buzzards Bay Coaltion’s Baywatchers scientific programs to investigate the impact of nitrogen pollution on algae growth and loss of eelgrass beds in a Buzzard’s Bay harbor.


April 6, 2017

February 12, 2017

Since the start of school, Tabor Academy’s InvenTeam has been working on a year-long project to develop a marine ROV to help monitor the health of Sippican Harbor. The team, comprised of the Advanced Engineering Design class, was awarded a grant from the Lemelson-MIT program to develop “Sammy the Seabot.” On February 28th, the team will present their work to the public as part of a Mid-Grant Technical Review.

December 15, 2016

Sensor Team:

December 4, 2016

We have divided up into 5 subgroups working on separate smaller projects that will be integrated later on in our final product. The five groups are as follows: sensors, sampler, navigation, above water ROV, and underwater ROV. Below are short summaries of where the groups are as of 16 November 2016.

Photos can be found at the following link:

Sensor Team: