The JV InvenTeams Noise Makers Activity Guide will lead educators and students through creative applications of sound and explore topics such as:

  • How inventors solve problems
  • Basics of sound waves and electromagnetism
  • Designing and building speakers
  • Making sound and building an electric pickup

Educator Guide

Student Guide

Download the list of materials and tools used in this guide. Most materials and tools are included in the Invention Kit purchase.

Purchase an Invention Kit that contains most materials and tools for the JV InvenTeams Noise Makers Activity Guide to create the invention activities in your classroom or after-school program.  Invention kits are designed for 20 students and two educators and can be purchased by credit card for $495.45. The price does not include shipping from the east coast. Click on the button below to order online now through Test Kit Supply. The login username is lemelsonmit. The password is jvinventeams.

Invention Kit