North Miami Beach Senior High School InvenTeam

A large number of elderly people suffer from musculoskeletal problems, which limit their mobility. Many also live in apartment buildings that do not have bathrooms with shower access for the disabled, so they are forced to use bathtubs, which can result in falls or accidents.

The North Beach Senior High School InvenTeam decided to create a device to help the elderly who do not have handicap accessible bathrooms get in and out of a bathtub safely.

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology InvenTeam

  • The InvenTeam devised an alternative method for quadriplegics and amputees to move.
  • Using an electrode cap to translate EEG M-rhythm or neurosignals from the user’s brain to a microprocessor in the wheelchair, the user can move by just thinking about it; no physical movement is required.
  • InvenTeam teacher Paul Cammer donned the electrode cap as the test subject during wheelchair demos at the MIT finale event.
  • The InvenTeam received a 2009 Continuation Grant.

St. Paul's School InvenTeam

  • After deciding to solve a problem for the elderly, the InvenTeam paired with a local nursing home to serve as the intended beneficiary of its fall sensor.
  • This lightweight, wearable device combines sensors and accelerometers to transmit a patient’s motion and orientation to the nurse’s station, where data can be monitored.
  • Senior InvenTeam student Mike Mester wrote the nurse’s station program in Java, which receives the data in computer read-outs.

Eureka Springs High School InvenTeam

  • The wristband was conceived as a preventive tool for monitoring blood pressure levels for youth at risk.
  • Preparation for the invention process began as two students trained at the University of Arkansas to learn the mechanical design program SolidEdge.
  • The InvenTeam disassembled current blood-pressure monitoring devices to determine the vital components for its invention: pressure sensor, pump, pulse sensor, and release valve.


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