Omaha Benson High School Magnet InvenTeam

We will invent an outdoor, self-sustaining, solar powered hydroponic gardening system for growing tomato plants, which will be suspended from a standard six-foot privacy fence or apartment deck railing. The height of the hanging system will minimize the need for the user to bend or lift after its initial assembly. Additionally, the system will include a monitoring device that will automatically add the appropriate chemicals and adjust water flow when necessary, as well as alert the user via text messaging or email when the system is in need of maintenance.

Washington County Technical High School InvenTeam

We will invent an affordable method to construct a roof that would absorb the sun's heat energy when the weather is cold and reflect it when the weather is hot. This system may be mechanical, may result from a chemical reaction, or may be accomplished through light reflection or refraction. This system could either be retrofit onto existing structures or included on new construction.

Commack High School InvenTeam

We will invent a device that reduces standby power consumption in the home and office.  By using infrared radiation sensors and current measurement techniques, the device will be able to determine when to turn on and turn off power to an appliance. The device will be a small module that connects the appliance to a wall outlet.  Costing less than $35, the device will allow the common consumer will be able to effectively and inexpensively decrease his or her energy usage.

Carlton J. Kell High School InvenTeam

We will invent a remotely operated vehicle for the purpose of skimming oil in shallow water. A conveyor system will be attached at the front of the chassis for use in oil collection. The conveyor will transfer the oil into a containment unit on the chassis. A tread system will be used to conquer minor hazards found in shallow waters and a GPS and camera will aid in navigation. Solar panels on top of the craft will allow for a longer period of use. The craft will be light enough to be carried by 6 people yet sturdy enough to be deployed by large ship equipment.

Pike Central High School InvenTeam

The Pike Central High School InvenTeam is inventing a lightweight, portable disaster relief shelter. It will weigh under 200 pounds and will cost less than $500. It can be used after disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes to house people who have been displaced. The shelter will also include a water purification system and a renewable energy power source for a LED light.

Kings High School InvenTeam

The Kings High School InvenTeam will create an inexpensive, portable, backpack hydroelectric generator called the H2ydrO.  In developing countries, electricity is very often unavailable or unreliable and the H2ydrO will harness the power of water’s clean, renewable, untapped energy.  The H2ydrO will weigh between 60-75 pounds and produce 200 – 400 watts of electricity.  Its energy can be harnessed either in batteries or by adding a direct load through an inverter.

Green Bay Southwest high School InvenTeam

The Green Bay Southwest high School InvenTeam will invent a device that will bring reliable power to remote villages.  We propose to develop a portable hydroelectric supply station (PHESS) to generate electricity for recharging batteries or for supplying power to equipment and lights.  PHESS will be much lighter and more efficient than portable hydropower stations that are currently available.


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