St. Anne's-Belfield School InvenTeam

The St. Anne’s-Belfield School InvenTeam invented CHINChILLA (Compact Hybrid In-situ Nano-filtering Chemical-removing Ion-exchanging Lightweight Lixiviating Appliance). The filtration design is a stack of
multiple filters that can remove pollutants and deliver potable water with minimal losses. CHINChILLA is easy to use and disposable. Whether the use is in the home following an industrial spill or for disaster relief,

University High School InvenTeam

The University High School InvenTeam invented a communications system that attaches to an autonomous unmanned aerial drone to help locate lost hikers in remote wilderness areas. The system consists of the drone that flies over a pre-programmed search area scanning for a distress signal emitted by a wearable radio beacon

SAIL High School InvenTeam

The SAIL InvenTeam invented an autonomous weeding robot for an organic farm in Florida. This device improves the economic competitiveness of organic farms by reducing the labor cost to cultivate
crops. The robotic device can travel through multiple rows of crops, while removing weeds using a modular attachment determined by soil and weed type. The farmer can select an appropriate track device to minimize soil compaction. The robotic device weighs only 42 pounds, and targets common weeds such as nut grass by


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