Perry Hall High School InvenTeam

Runoff containing industrial and agricultural nutrients has been contaminating the Chesapeake Bay. This abundance of nutrients upsets the balance of the bay's ecosystem, which harms and kills many organisms.

The Perry Hall High School InvenTeam decided to create a solar powered water-testing device. The device would monitor the level of nutrients in the Chesapeake Bay and serve as a tool for students to learn about water pollution and the ecosystem.

Endeavour Academy InvenTeam

Lakes and rivers often contain chemical waste and pollutants that can contaminate the water. This is especially common near factories or facilities with high levels of production.

The Endeavor Academy InvenTeam decided to create a device to measure and report the chemical levels in a body of water to aid field researchers and raise awareness about poor water quality.

Agawam High School InvenTeam

Potholes damage roads and vehicles during the winter and cause poor driving conditions. It costs large sums of money for cities to repair the infrastructure and car owners to repair damage to their vehicles.

The Agawam High School InvenTeam decided to create a device that detects potential potholes before they become problematic and preserves existing roads by filling abscesses that would become potholes.

Gulf Coast High School InvenTeam

Poor indoor air quality has often been a cause of health problems. Air-born particles from dust and chemical preservatives can cause respiratory dysfunctions, such as asthma and allergies, for many people. Student Genevieve Garris had realized this problem and introduced it to her team, since her household chore was to clean the fans.


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