Brillion High School InvenTeam

Dubbed the E-Z Lift, the invention was developed after the students took several tours of local manufactory plants, including <Ariens Corporation>, as part of a class trip.
According to the InvenTeam student presenter, “One million cases of back injuries are reported each year due to heavy lifting on the job.”
Designed to aid manufactory workers, the E-Z Lift can transport crates that are too heavy to physically lift and that are not heavy enough to efficiently move by forklift.

San Juan High School InvenTeam

We will invent a single-wheeled, motorized, portable, power assist device; attachable to the majority of types and brands of current rescue litters; to be used by rescue teams in a variety of terrains and rescue situations across the globe.  An electric motor and a gas engine will be available for mine and backcountry rescues.  We will reduce rescuer fatigue by 30% and improve rescue speed by 15-30% in both mine and backcountry settings, and will reduce the number of people needed by 50% for back country rescues.  Once patented, the PAL will retail for under $5,000.00.

Clarksburg High School InvenTeam

The Clarksburg High School Coyote Inventors Club will invent a pressure-sensitive illuminated computer cable we named the Torch Cord. The Torch Cord is designed as a replacement for an existing computer cable. It will allow the user to identify a single cable from a group of similar cables plugged in the back of a computer. Once installed, its function is to momentarily light the entire length of the cable, either when the cable is touched or pinched.  This lighting allows computer users to easily find the path and identity of each cable.

Sidwell Friends School InvenTeam

The Sidwell Friends School InvenTeam invented the Gray Water Electricity Generator (GWEG) to capture energy from the downward flow of gray water and rainwater in apartment buildings. A turbine is installed at the bottom of gray water pipes to harness the potential energy of the downward flowing water and create a pressure head that turns a generator. GWEG, demonstrated in a three-story prototype, is the model for future implementations in apartment buildings with 15 stories or more. GWEG has an estimated continuous output of 200 W.

Eastern Regional High School InvenTeam

The Eastern Regional High School InvenTeam invented the Maji Drum, which brings together filters, ultraviolet lights, and a bicycle to provide communities with potable water and storage at a cost of about $100 per 1000 units. Using an adaptable mount with a high voltage motor attached to a flywheel, users can generate a consistent source of energy with the ergonomic custom bicycle mount system. The system pre-filters the water, exposes it to ultraviolet light, and stores it inside the drum at a rate of 4 L per min.

Bergen County Academies InvenTeam

The Bergen County Academies InvenTeam invented a kit that allows users to harvest parts from old computers and other electronic equipment to build small, energy generating devices that charge cell phones. The kit includes instructions and the tools needed to build these power generators. The device is intended for users in developing countries with electronic waste and unreliable or nonexistent electrical infrastructures.


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