Al Gross

Considered the "founding father" of wireless communications, Al Gross brought the world such indispensable devices as the walkie-talkie, pager and cordless phone. Gross was honored with the Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award in 2000 for his contributions as a true pioneer of miniaturized portable communications devices.

Troy High School InvenTeam

• According to the InvenTeam student presenter, “Five to six billion coconuts are harvested worldwide. Many of the harvesters are men, who wear no protective gear.”
• The device can ascend a coconut tree up to 100 feet tall, which eliminates the need for a human to climb a tree at dangerous heights.
• Three stabilizing wheel were included in the design to accommodate the curvature of the tree.
• The device is maneuvered through a PlayStation® remote control.

Saint Thomas Academy InvenTeam

• Powered by five 12-volt, lithium-phosphate batteries, the electric motorcycle can fully charge in three hours from a standard wall outlet.
• To improve the safety of the average motorcycle, the InvenTeam designed the body with carbon fiber and created a fully enclosed roll cage.
• The electric motorcycle’s average speed is 40 to 50 miles per hour; however, it can reach a top speed of 60.
• InvenTeams teacher Mark Westlake plans to commute to work using the device.


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