Colfax High School InvenTeam

Storm water runoff, which can come from septic tanks, cars, houses, construction sites, farms and ranches, carries with it pollution and debris. This physical waste can clog storm drains, and it is time consuming and expensive for the state to clean the drains. Moreover, the polluted overflow can contaminate water and be detrimental to human health.

Centennial High School InvenTeam

All humans suffer from the common cold, the flu, or other infectious viruses at some point in their lives. This problem can often be attributed to improper hand washing, especially among children. The Centennial High School InvenTeam took matters into their own hands and created a soap dispenser with a timer to encourage children to wash their hands for twenty seconds, in order to prevent germs and the spread of diseases.

Upper Darby High School InvenTeam

  • A total of 72 dual-layer polyurethane rollers – set on fins at 45-degree angles – circumscribe each stainless-steel hub that comprises the omni-directional wheelchair.
  • A three-access joint stick coupled with encoders mounted on each drive shaft allow infinite direction, while ensuring precise control of speed and direction of each wheel.
  • The powered chair also has the ability to raise and lower its height, tilt the seat, and raise and lower the footrest.

Manufacturing Technology Academy InvenTeam

  • The goal of the Mouse Glove is to increase the range of hand and finger movement when operating a mouse, in order to create a more ergonomic design and decrease the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI).
  • The Mouse Glove couples bend sensors and an accelerometer with algorithms and custom software to translate movement of the hand and fingers to movement of the computer cursor, with expanded capabilities than the standard mouse.
  • The design supports up to seven distinct click functions, in lieu of three for the standard mouse at the time of the grant.

Columbus High School InvenTeam

  • Problem-solving goals focused on creating an invention that could measure small subsurface vibrations; contain a mobile platform to sensor; transmit data to a remote station; and store high-resolution data.
  • To construct the TremorBot, the InvenTeam recycled an iRobot® Packbot®, donated by Fort Benning, to serve as the platform for its core piece, the sensor.

Alabama School of Mathematics and Science InvenTeam

  • IPSCO and Ciba Geigy funded the InvenTeam’s three-day trip to the humanitarian demining training center in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., which offered expert advice and lessons during development of the invention.
  • "We were able to see exactly how humans go through the demining process and then model our robotics system directly after that," said student Reed Tomlinson. "We [were] able to model it after a technique that we know works and that the UN and the Department of Defense trusts."

Huntsville High School InvenTeam

  • The purpose of the invention is to locate and communicate with those who are lost, injured, or trapped in caves, mines, or tunnels.
  • Similar devices have been created, but they do not combine the functions of location and communication in the same unit.
  • The device was tested in Cave Onyx and War Eagle Caverns, located in Ark.

Divine Child High School InvenTeam

  • The InvenTeam developed a bicycle regenerative breaking system that continuously recharges batteries, based on the Faraday effect, a physics principle derived from the interaction between light and a magnetic field.
  • The invention's ultracapacitor allows three electronic devices to continue charging even after the person has stopped pedaling
  • The InvenTeam plans to lower the cost of the motor and create a weather-protection system for the device.


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