Hopewell High School InvenTeam

We will invent a student chair-desk that will incorporate the latest in ergonomic and industrial design principles, be cost-effective, and will have a small carbon footprint. The desk will integrate seamlessly into the classroom setting, put high school students in an optimum state of learning and remembering, and increase their overall level of academic achievement.

Hillside New Tech High School InvenTeam

We will invent a stucture that supports plant growth on existing sloped roofs which will be used by homeowners seeking to reduce their home's negative environmental impact. The structure will fit any existing roof, provide up to 95% natural shade, reduce storm water runoff by at least 50% for individual rainfalls under one inch, cause no lasting damage if removed, and be aesthetically pleasing. The average cost of the roof for a single-family home will be $400.

Science Museum of Minnesota InvenTeam

We will invent a portable, patentable device to assist in transfers to and from small watercraft that will be used by those with mobility impairments. Transfers with the device will require only one able-bodied assistant and will take no longer than three minutes. The device will weigh less than 40 pounds, cost approximately $400, and interface with a variety of docks and small watercrafts. Setup and takedown will each take less than five minutes and the device in its collapsed state will fit into a car trunk or a loaded two-person, 16-foot canoe.

West Salem High School InvenTeam

We will invent a pressure sensitive mechanical pencil to be used by elementary students to learn to write while under parent, teacher, or therapist supervision.  It will help teach the students not to press or squeeze too hard while writing to prevent poor writing habits that can cause muscle injury.  It will be used as a personal device in schools, at home, or anywhere the student could be writing.  The estimated cost to produce one unit is $10.

Northbrook High School InvenTeam

The Northbrook High School InvenTeam is inventing an energy efficient cooling blanket for personal use. This cooling blanket, designed to replace a central or window air conditioning unit, will reduce the consumer’s energy bill as well as his or her carbon footprint. The blanket will be comfortable and will cool the user to a temperature between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It will be quiet and easy to use, with adjustable temperature controls.

Bloom High School InvenTeam

We will invent a device capable of filtering particulates from used cooking oil, removing residual water and pumping the oil, even when it is hot, into a metal storage container. It can be used at restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other places that use vegetable oil deep fryers.  Both the growing demand for biodiesel, which currently costs less than one dollar per gallon to produce, and the need for businesses to reduce operating costs are satisfied by this invention.

Bishop Kelly High School InvenTeam

The Bishop Kelly High School InvenTeam invented the MagWrite and MagMouse. These devices lessen the effects of various tremors in the hand and forearm when writing, drawing or using a computer mouse. They enable persons with a wide range of tremor severity to write more accurately and use a computer mouse by damping the tremors which affect their fine motor control. The assistive writing and computer pointing device prototypes cost approximately $325.


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