Sussex County Technical School InvenTeam

  • The Suffolk County Technical School InvenTeam focused on the refinement of a dog-treat dispenser that stemmed from a previous student project.
  • The InvenTeam aligned with Paws With A Cause®, the largest service-dog trainer in the United States, for guidance on the creation of a dispenser to enable disabled people to reward their dogs.
  • The InvenTeam received a 2009 Continuation Grant.

John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science InvenTeam

  • After surveying teachers in their school, students learned of several problems that teachers experienced with the blackboards including difficulty cleaning them and dust inhalation from chalk.
  • The InvenTeam’s solution was an automatic portable blackboard eraser, referred to as P.A.B.E.
  • The P.A.B.E. is composed of three parts: a top bearing, automatic eraser, and motor base, which were designed to move horizontally across the board.

Benjamin Banneker Academic High School InvenTeam

  • Cell phones are a critical communication link between students and parents, especially to ensure safety of the students who attend Benjamin Banneker High School, which is located in an urban area.
  • The cell-phone locker, named the Cell-Mate, was designed by the InvenTeam to overcome the ban on bringing cell phones to school, which had been established to mitigate class disruptions and cheating.


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