Program Assistant

Favorite invention of all time: 
I grew up near the mountains in Washington state and went skiing every weekend during the winter with family, so the invention of the ski binding and release function has prevented some serious injuries in my early life.

Past positions:
​Junior Exhibit Content Developer at Amaze Design 
Centennial Volunteer Ambassador at Boston National Historical Park, National Park Service
Visitor Services Specialist at Museum of Science
Museum Intern at Cape Cod National Seashore, National Park Service
Museum Intern at National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution

BA, Archaeology, Boston University

What inspires you? 
I’m inspired by women in technology, seeing someone else’s hard work and passion flourish, and students putting in the extra time and effort to make great inventions.

Do you have any hidden talents or interesting hobbies? 
I’ve been skiing since I could walk but during the warmer months I like to run and hike. I enjoy playing music (currently can only play ukulele, working on guitar) and going to concerts in the New England area.

If you could invent anything, what would it be? 
A tree that had a never-ending supply of Granny Smith apples.

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